Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden Project 2012

This is the third year of our garden project. 
The first year we planted green beans, tomatoes, onions and green peppers in the 2 raised beds we built.  We had a great crop of green beans but our tomatoes didn't fair so well and neither did the onions.  The green peppers did ok. 
 These are our beds before we got fill and planted

Last year we again tried the same plants but added in wax beans, chives, basil and zucchini.  Our tomatoes did much better last year and so did the green peppers.  The wax beans were a bust and our green beans gave us just enough to eat.  Again an epic fail on onions.  I just can't grow them!  We had luck with the zucchini, but after getting 5 nice zuccs the plants died.  But the basil and chives took off.
 Onions, peppers, and tomatoes 2011
 Green beans, wax beans, chives, basil and zucchini 2011
We had a bit of a bunny problem and they were eating our plants as they came up so we got the fencing.

This year, I have given up on onions.  I moved my chive plant to a corner and rearranged where we are planting everything.  I filled one of the beds with compost from our composter and got 2 bags of mushroom compost to put in the other.  Yesterday the kids and I planted carrot seeds in the garden and peppers and beans in starter pots.  We started some lettuce a while back in containers and they are still just little sprouts.  Now that the weather is warmer I'm hoping they'll take off.

Crossing our fingers for a good crop this year!

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