Friday, November 4, 2011

My first post

I have thrown around the idea of a blog for years.  I finally decided that I would jump in with both feet and just create one.  I hope to share some slices of life raising 3 kids with my wonderful husband, Brian.  Noah, Bridgette and Linus are our blessings from above and they amaze us everyday!  Also, let's be honest, this is about me!  I have a lot of interests that I would like to share and this seemed a perfect outlet.  I hope you enjoy my journey.


  1. You are amazing. I will truly enjoy your blog and will check often. Love the pictures of the children and hope to see some amazing recipes. All your cooking adventures sound fanatastic.

  2. Great idea Tanja. I don't even have to have kids now I can just live vicariously through this blog! j/k But on a more sentimental note my mom kept a journal for a year while my brother and I were younger and reading it when I was younger was such a profound experience. It was insightful seeing how my mom viewed things that I had vague child-minded memories of. So your kids may enjoy reading this a decade from now. Good luck!