Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noah's progress

Brian and I met with Noah's 1st grade teacher on Thursday. I was a little shocked as we walked out of that meeting. Noah is one of his best readers and is off the chart for his grade. He's also one of his best in math. I am not so surprised at what Noah can do, but more at what they expect 1st graders to be doing. I don't really remember what all we were to do in 1st grade. I know that Noah is smart... hey look at who his parents are :). I wonder if the benchmarks for the kids are set low. I always encourage my kids to read and they see me and Brian reading all the time, the paper, a book, the Bible. I want them to love reading the way I do. Bridgette and Noah both help me cook and bake by counting and measuring. Noah has been helping when he shops with me by writing down the prices and helping me tally them so we know how much we're spending (it keeps me on budget). The other day while I was working on bills, I wrote down a couple numbers and Noah helped me calculate them by adding and subtracting. I feel like I spend such a minimal amount of time doing these things, but I guess that is all that is needed to help nurture their abilities and curiosity. Now the one main thing we need to do is focus on Noah's handwriting. It needs some work...

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