Friday, November 4, 2011

Today was amazing and where did my baby go?

Today was such an amazing day.  Noah woke up last night at 4:30 and promptly started throwing up.  He got up a couple more times, but then slept in until 8:30.  No school for my 1st grader today!  I was worried he'd be cranky or have to carry a bucket with him all day, but God is good and he was past that part.  The morning went well with all three kids having fun playing together.  Then when Linus went down for his morning nap, Bridgette, Noah and I wrapped up in a blanket and read some books.  Noah read to me and Bridgette!  I'm so amazed by how far he has come with his reading.  I'm thankful for the wonderful teachers he has!   We basically just read books on fish, frogs and seals.  So I asked if they wanted to make some frogs and fish to put on paper.  They loved the idea!  Noah made a shark and I cut out frog bodies, feet, and eyes that they glued onto blue paper.  The masterpieces are on display on our cork board in the dining room.  After lunch started the next round of stomach bug fun, which prompted a bath for one child and a bathroom clean up.  Then Linus and Bridgette went down for their afternoon naps and Noah and I played Legos for over an hour.  He was so excited when I told him I would bring his table down so we could play while Bridgette slept in their room.  Then came another round and yet another bath and clean up... and an accidental early wake up for the nappers.  Thankfully, everyone was in good spirits and we had a successful movie night after dinner.  What seemed like a daunting day ahead after the fitful night turned out to be amazing. 

Where's my baby?

I figured that the third child might be a little quicker to pick things up than the other two were... I didn't realize how much!  Linus is just amazing me each day!  He's 9 months old.  He doesn't look big enough to be doing the things he's doing.  He stood for a whole 30 seconds without holding onto anything with hands at his sides just smiling at me today.  He also climbed up 4 steps before I realized he had even left my side and crossed the living room.   And he took our lovely pink horse Pinky for a walk across said living room, then pushed a small chair back to where he was.  He's been ahead of the game the whole time.  He got teeth earlier, rolled over earlier, crawled earlier.  I feel like I've missed his whole infant stage because it was over so quickly!  I wanted to savor the infant stage.  Document it fully.  This is my last baby I kept telling myself, but amidst school board, PTA, women's club, dance class and swimming lessons and school/preschool for Noah and Bridgette, I seem to have missed it.  I sat down today with his baby book and realized that the only place that a lot of his firsts are recorded is on facebook... 

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